Protecting Your Parents, Protecting Yourself

Do you need long-term care insurance? You may think you’re too young to think about that quite yet, but what about your parents? If you’re reading this blog it’s likely that your parents are at an age where they soon may need some sort of care, whether that will be in-home care, nursing care, or even need to stay in a nursing facility; if your parents haven’t planned ahead for this eventuality, the burden for their care—either financial or physical or both—may fall on you.

It is for this very reason that a new trend in long-term care insurance seems to be emerging. According to an article by Stacy Schultz, there is an upswing in the purchase of long-term care insurance by the Boomer Generation—except the insurance isn’t for the Boomers themselves, it’s for their parents. “Many of them have just had a relative go through being in a nursing home, and they see the devastation and the stress it causes,” quotes the article. “They’re concerned about mom and dad, and if their parents don’t have a lot of means they want to buy insurance for them.”

If you are considering buying long-term care insurance, either for yourself or your parents, you have a number of options, especially compared to even just a few years ago. recently published an article outlining the improvements in long-term insurance, and what your options are if you’re buying it today.

Take an hour or two this month to talk to your parents (or your kids) and advisors about what the coming years have in store. You may not need long-term care insurance, but you will certainly need a plan, and it’s never a bad idea to know your options, especially when it comes to protecting your future. In the lives of many Boomers, protecting their own future also means protecting their parents’ futures.