A Daytime Solution for Working Caregivers

I just returned from a week-long legal conference in Chicago.  Several classes attended were focused on long term care planning and the available options. According to a study done by the AARP over 34 million people provide care to ill or disabled adults aged 50 or over, and with the aging baby boomer population (and their aging parents) that number is only likely to grow. This presents a growing problem, because providing care to aging parents or grandparents is an expensive undertaking, and often caregivers are required to cut back on working hours—or sometimes give up careers altogether—to take over the increasing needs of their aging loved one.

Most caregivers think they have only two options: care for their parent at home, or put them into a nursing home. Either one of these choices is not only expensive, but comes with its own set of emotional baggage. But there is another option that few people know of, and even fewer take advantage of; adult day care.

Adult day service centers provide personal care, social activities, therapy and meals during the day while caregivers need to be away at work or even taking a much-needed break. If you have a parent who can no longer care for themselves during the day, but are unwilling to go into a nursing home, adult day services might be a good solution for everybody involved. And if you as caregiver are going to be contributing to the cost, you may be able to receive a tax credit for your contribution.

To find an adult day service center near you, click here.