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Estate planning is often associated with tax planning and dismissed as a service only for the wealthy, but is much more than that. At its most basic, an estate plan is an advance plan for how you want your assets distributed upon your death, but it also takes into account the care of minor children, tax minimizing strategies, legal issues, health, and medical planning, and more. Estate planning is for the young and old, married and single, parents and those without children.

Desert Law Group offers comprehensive estate planning services to ensure your last wishes are fulfilled and your heirs are taken care of. Our estate plans range from simple, uncomplicated wills and trusts to specialized plans that may include things like Power of Attorney, Healthcare Directives, and more.

Estates In California

In the eyes of the State of California, everyone has an estate. An estate is simply everything you own or all of your assets such as your home, cars, financial accounts, investments, insurance policies, and personal possessions. When a person dies without an estate plan in place, the State of California’s laws of intestacy are applied to determine heirs and asset distribution. Sometimes, the state handles things exactly as you’d want them handled, but at other times the exact opposite occurs. The situation becomes more complicated if there are divorces, remarriages, minors, step-children, businesses, and/or unique assets involved.

An estate plan is the only way to ensure your assets are distributed and your family and heirs treated in the manner you wish.

Estate Planning Services At Desert Law Group

Desert Law Group provides comprehensive estate planning services in Palm Springs, CA. We work with individuals, families, and small business owners of all ages and at all income levels to create and manage estate plans that are effective and affordable. We also offer reviews of estate plans which help ensure your plan takes into account current tax laws and accommodates any assets you have acquired since the time the plan was created.

Estate plans are important for everyone, not just the wealthy or the aged. Middle and lower-income families often need more help to manage the assets they do have because every penny counts and young parents gain peace of mind knowing their children will be taken care of by a person they chose, not someone designated by the state.

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