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Lunch & Learn Series Topics

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    The New World of Social Security Planning, Part I

    In Part I, we explore the issues to consider when evaluating the benefits and economic impact of various Social Security claiming strategies, from the importance of understanding who is eligible for benefits in the first place, to the breakeven analysis needed in deciding when to claim the Social Security benefits!

    The New World of Social Security Planning, Part II

    In Part II, we continue the discussion by looking at how crucial, and complicated, Social Security planning is for couples. As a result, it’s necessary to gather and consider the full range of goals and preferences to optimize Social Security planning solutions, rather than just getting most amount of money by delaying all the way until 70 or starting the payment at age 62. Finally, we wrap up by identifying the various Social Security “reform” proposals and consider how potential changes to Social Security in the future may impact the claiming decision.

    Navigating the Decisions of Medicare Enrollment [September]

    In this session, we explore retiree health insurance provided through Medicare, the core components of Medicare coverage, how different components of Medicare are provided and the costs of coverage to retirees, the role that Medicare Advantage can play for retirees trying to further manage down the cost of premiums, the initial enrollment periods for signing up for Medicare, and the importance of reviewing Medicare coverage annually.

    Trusts & Estates:

    Biden’s Build Back Better Plan: What will happen?

    In this session, we review President Biden’s Build Back Better Plan and how the various provisions may impact your planning.

    Wills & Trusts: What’s the difference and which is better for you?

    In this session, we explain the difference between utilizing a Will vs. a Trust in the planning process. The​​advantages and disadvantages of each and what factors determines which strategy is best for you.

    Trustee Workshop: Duties and responsibilities of a successor Trustee

    ​Back by popular demand, in this session, we cover the broad fiduciary duties and responsibilities when acting as a successor Trustee, process of trust administration, as well as best practices so you don’t get sued!

    Charitable Planning: Doing Good in a Tax Efficient Way

    ​In this session, we explore different charitable giving strategies and tools and the tax benefit of each.

    Business Entities: Which may be best for you and why

    In this session, we provide an overview of different types of business entities, include sole proprietorship, C and S corporation, Limited Liability Company, partnerships, and how to decide which one is best for you.

    Planning with Life Insurance Policies

    ​In this session, we explain the different types of life insurance policies, the advantages and disadvantages and how to select the best one for your situation. We’ll also explore the usage of the life insurance trust.

    Retirement Plans: Understanding various retirement plans

    ​In this session, we explain the different types of retirement plans and how you can maximize the income tax benefit as well as planning for your retirement.

    End of Life Planning: Yes, we’re all going to get there

    ​In this session, we will discuss the California End of Life Option Act and various resources available.

    Getting Married? What You Don’t Know Will Hurt You!

    ​In this session, we will discuss the legal and financial impact when you get married and how to protect yourself from unintended consequences.

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