Every Dark Cloud Has a Silver Lining

The current state of the economy may be putting us all in a tight squeeze, but no cloud is without its silver lining, as Anne Tergesen points out in her Wall Street Journal article. The silver lining in this particular cloud is that the depressed economy and sinking stocks offer an unmatched opportunity to pass on wealth to your heirs without triggering estate tax as you do.

Most people know by now that in the year 2010 the estate tax is scheduled to disappear entirely. . . but only temporarily. Until that year arrives—and then again after that year passes (no one really expects we will have the good fortune to do away with estate tax permanently), we have to face the fact that our children and heirs won’t be getting all of our hard-earned fortune when we die.  The government gets some of it.  And unless we plan intelligently, the government can end up getting a large portion of it. 

Our office can’t fix the economy, but we can help you find the silver lining around that dark cloud. Let us help you ensure that your family receives the inheritance they deserve; whether it be in 2010 or in any other year.