Pay It Forward

I just returned home from our monthly estate planning workshop. One of the concerns voiced by the audience is the difficulty in finding a good financial advisor. In today’s economic climate, when it’s all but impossible to be sure of your investments, it is more important than ever to have confidence in your financial advisor. But with all the different credentials and designations that can be found on the business card of any given advisor, how can you know who to trust?

Kerry Hannon of US News and World Report knows how. Hannon’s article, How to Find a Financial Planner, lists six tips to help you find and choose the right person for your investment needs. Hannon recommends (among other things) screening your candidates’ credentials, looking into a planner’s background, and coming to your first meeting prepared with specific questions.

The very best way to be sure you’ve found a trustworthy advisor is to get a recommendation, particularly a recommendation from a professional in a related field. As an Estate Planning Law Firm, we work closely with financial planners every day. Because we work to protect your assets, we’ve made it our business to build strong relationships with caring and qualified financial specialists. Not only can we help you find a planner who is educated and trustworthy, but because we know your family well, we can help you find the right advisor for your particular needs. Call our office for more information. We’ve already done the legwork; now we’d like to pass our knowledge on to you.