Haggling for Heirlooms

Have you ever watched a group of children divvying up a stash of sweets?  The process can be the most civilized thing you will ever witness, or it can resemble a pack of wild dogs descending on a fresh kill.  The process of distributing the personal effects of a deceased family member can fall within the same spectrum.  Sadly, even the most cultured of adults can turn into children again when objects of emotional significance are involved.

Many people side-step this issue by creating a personal property memorandum to dispose of their property after their death, but what happens when no such document has been created?  One inventive company has come up with a solution: eDivvyUp.

An online program similar to eBay, eDivvyUp provides families with an option other than the provoking first-come-first-served method of distributing the personal effects of a loved one. With eDivvyUp each family member (or close friend of the deceased) is allotted a number of points which they then use to “bid” on items. 

As strange a notion as it seems at first glance, eDivvyUp could be a lifesaver for the right family.  At a time when face to face confrontation can lead to hurt feelings that last for years, some families may prefer this more removed method.  And for families who have settled on opposite ends of the country (or in other countries) eDivvyUp offers a way for even far-flung siblings and cousins to have a voice in the distribution of Grandma’s estate.

Whether you are dealing with heirlooms that have been passed down through the generations, or objects of less historical significance, such as Grandma’s cookbook or Dad’s collection of power tools, eDivvyUp could be a viable option for your family.