• Put Estate Planning on Your Holiday “To Do” List

    Estate Planning During the Holidays with Desert Law Group

    You’ve got plenty to do this time of year. Buy presents. Get a turkey. Decorate the house. But there’s one more thing that you should add to the list – update your estate plan. Your estate plan needs to change as often as your life changes, says an article on savannahnow.com. Maybe there is a […]

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  • The Number One Estate Planning Mistake

    Some of your assets cannot be passed on to your heirs through your Last Will and Testament. Instead, some assets are passed on to a beneficiary who you designate under the terms of the agreement with the financial institution. For example, bank accounts, brokerage accounts, retirement plans, annuities and life insurance policies. A recent article […]

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  • The Right Time for Estate Planning

    As estate planning attorneys, we are often asked, “When should I do my estate plan?” The answer is: “Anyone who is over the age of 18.” Estate planning is critical to everyday living for adults over the age of 18, and should be one of the priorities regardless of your age or marital status. If […]

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  • Pitfalls in Planning for Domestic Partners

    Domestic partners, even ones registered with a state, do not share the same rights as married couples. Therefore, domestic partners need to be extra careful when crafting their estate plans. A recent article describes several common pitfalls to avoid in domestic partner estate planning. The first pitfall occurs in gifting assets to a partner. Domestic […]

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  • Time to Plan for Your Pet?

    Many pet owners are refusing to leave the future of their pets to chance. As a recent article explains, devoted pet owners are providing for the care of their pets through wills, trusts, or other estate-planning provisions. As pet owner Carol Santora explained, “I got really nervous about it because I don’t think anyone in […]

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