Zen and the Art of Estate Planning

We have said a number of times in our blog that Estate Planning will bring you peace of mind, and apparently we aren’t the only ones who think so! In fact, Andrew Flusche believes Estate Planning brings enough peace of mind to warrant an entire blog post about it for Leo Babauta’s blog Zen Habits.

In actuality, Flusche’s post isn’t about Estate Planning in particular, but the 5 Legal Tips for Peace of Mind mentioned in the post can all be accomplished with a trip to your Estate Planning attorney.

What is exceptional about this blog post from Zen Habits is that it takes Estate Planning out of the sometimes intimidating realm of “Lawyer Stuff” and puts it right where it belongs; in the category of things that can improve your life in real and substantial ways.

Estate Planning might not be as obvious a Zen habit as exercise, meditation, or healthy eating—but by taking care of the necessary business of providing for your family in an emergency, and protecting your assets (and yourself), you leave yourself with a lower stress level, less preoccupation, and peace of mind.  And all of those things lead to a healthier you.