So Happy Together…

Many of our clients come to our firm not just for an estate plan, but as part of a larger goal to get serious about their finances and protect their assets and family. An estate plan is a HUGE step toward that goal, but it is only one step. Other steps include being proactive about your taxes, reviewing your investment portfolio, and creating a solid retirement plan.

Our firm can give you the very best estate planning and asset protection, but the other steps may require the help of a financial advisor. Each client’s situation is different, of course; you may already have a financial advisor and have taken these other steps (many of our clients are at our office on the advice of their financial advisor, in fact), but if you haven’t, finding an advisor you are comfortable with can be a challenge.

Because estate planning and financial planning go hand in hand, our firm has relationships with a number of top notch financial advisors, and we are happy to make the introductions. Having an estate planner and financial planner who are already acquainted can have many benefits. In addition to getting a referral from a source you already know and trust, you can be sure that any financial advisor we recommend has already been vetted, and all communication and collaboration between us for your benefit will be smooth and effortless. Don’t hesitate to call and take advantage of our experience.

If you still choose to search on your own, this article in The Wall Street Journal has suggestions on how to interview and choose the best financial advisor for your family. Either way, be aware of all the steps needed to reach your ultimate goal of financial security.