Don’t Take That IRA Withdrawal Yet! New Options for Seniors in 2009

During our seminars this year, I’ve reminded the audience that if you are a senior 70 ½ or older who owns an IRA we have good news for you. Last year Congress approved legislation that waives the minimum withdrawal requirement for seniors in 2009.

This leaves seniors with more options than usual regarding their IRAs. You can still choose to take the withdrawal, of course; but deferring the withdrawal has the double benefit of allowing your investment to continue to grow within your IRA and lowering your taxable income for 2009.

If you were unaware of this legislation and you’ve already taken your withdrawal for 2009 you’re still in luck—the IRS is allowing seniors who have already taken the withdrawal to change their minds and roll their money back into a retirement account.

Of course, all of this good news doesn’t come without restrictions and exceptions, the first of which is that the deadline for the rollover is November 30th, or 60 days after you receive your withdrawal, whichever is later. Sandra Block explains all of the rules and restrictions—and goes into further detail regarding the benefits to seniors—in her article in USA Today.

The bottom line is that seniors with IRAs have more options this year than usual. You’ll want to explore those options with a trusted advisor and take advantage in whatever way you can.