The Cost of Assessing Your Property

This week’s blog series has focused on real estate and how we as your estate planning attorneys can help you leverage and protect it. But we know that many homeowners right now aren’t concerned so much with protecting their property, but protecting themselves—from the effects of falling home prices. If you are one of these homeowners, this post is for you.

Craig Gustafson describes in his article how one San Diego, CA resident found relief by asking county officials to reassess the value of his property in order to lower his taxes. The result will save him $1000 annually. This trend of reassessing property is taking hold not only in California, but all over the country (although not all residents will be as lucky as Michael Ortiz).

If you feel that a new assessment is the right step for you, Elizabeth Brokamp has some advice that can make the assessment process go a little more smoothly.