Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Wills and Trusts

It is human nature to want to be as informed as possible before making big decisions, and although we all know how important it is, the decision to create an estate plan is a BIG one. Most people like to do a little research and asking around before putting themselves at the mercy of an unknown attorney, but in the case of estate planning, there is just so much to know, the decision can seem daunting. The more research you do to more complicated it seems. In addition, it can be hard to know which research to trust when it seems everybody out there has an agenda.

This is why our firm would like to offer this article by the reliably agenda-free Associated Press: Will or Trust? Understanding the differences. The article is an excellent overview of the differences between a will and a trust, and why one or the other might be a better choice for your family. It also answers some frequently asked questions about wills, trusts, and estate planning in general.

Of course, each family and situation will be different, and laws vary from state to state, so although we hope you find this article helpful, we still urge you to speak to an estate planning attorney face-to-face before making your final decision.