Planning for Death Can Be a Celebration of Life

October and November is the one time of the year when not only is it ok to think about death, it’s expected! So it seems like the perfect time to bring up the subject of funerals—specifically your own funeral.

It has been said that funerals and memorial services are for those who are left behind after the death of a loved one, not the one who has passed away; and while this is true, it is also true that most meaningful service is one which accurately reflects the personality and wishes of the loved one it is memorializing. For this reason, some people are choosing to plan their own funerals or memorial services before they pass away.

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal describes how funerals and “last rites” seem to be going through a change. “While religion and family tradition have dictated last rites for hundreds of years, funerals today are changing dramatically. Baby boomers, in particular, are shifting to more personalized—and less religious—memorial services, often calling them ‘A Celebration of Life.’”

The article goes on to describe a new website ( which helps people make plans for their own funerals. While we’re glad more people are aware that they have this option, none of this is news to estate planners, who have been helping their clients plan, share, and pay for their own funerals, memorials, and disposition of remains for years.

Thinking about your own death and funeral may sound morbid, but many people are pleasantly surprised at how much of a celebration of life it can be. Please contact our office to get started on your own plans, or for more information.