Books About Aging and Care-Giving to Parents

Many of our clients come to us with questions about Elder Law, and we are happy to be able to share information not only for our elderly clients (about Medicare or Long Term care) but for their children and loved ones as well (about care giving or the plight of the Sandwich Generation.) However, it served as a reminder that sometimes we learn best when dry facts and figures are presented in context, and I think one of the most engaging ways to learn is through quality fiction or memoir.

Quality novels or biographies about the aging or care-taking process are not nearly as difficult to find as they may once have been. A search on yields a number of books about care-giving, living with Alzheimer’s or dementia, and saying goodbye to elderly parents. Many Baby Boomers have found themselves taking on unanticipated roles as their parents grow older, not knowing the best way to care for them (or in some cases say goodbye), and many of them have chosen to share their experiences through publication.

One of the most highly rated memoirs to be found is Mothering Mother by Carol D. O’Dell. (A preview of which can be found here.) Other highly rated memoirs include Dancing with Rose by Lauren Kessler, and Still Alice by Lisa Genova. All of these books serve not only to relate the experience of caring for a loved one, but also to reach out to others who are caring for their parents, and feel alone in doing so.

As we age, and as we watch those we love age, we need many different kinds of support. Having a knowledgeable attorney to answer legal questions is only part of the equation, a role our firm is honored to serve. But we know that emotional support is needed as well, and a community of others who have been through it before, and can offer sympathy and encouragement. We hope that the books listed above can help.