Summer is a Time for Giving

Summer is a time for iced tea and watermelon, long days in the pool, vacations at the shore… and for many people summer is also a time to volunteer for your favorite charity. With school out and free time at a maximum the time is ripe to get to know your community—and contribute with a donation of time.

Whether by volunteering your time in a soup kitchen, helping out at grandma’s nursing home, teaching handicapped kids to ride horses, or donating a percentage of your income, a majority of the population chooses to give back to their community in some way. There are organizations and websites (such as dedicated solely to helping us in our charitable endeavors. And the good news is that a Living Trust can help you continue giving even after your death.

With a Living Trust you as grantor can choose to give any amount of your estate to your favorite charity. Some people leave a specific dollar amount; others leave a percentage of their entire estate. And you can name your one favorite charity or divide the amount among many charities. A Living Trust gives you endless possibilities to take care of the important people—and causes—in your life.