Shining New Light on Familiar Issues in the New Old Age Blog

In spite of the growing numbers of adult children finding themselves in the situation of having to care for elderly parents, the role of caretaker can be a lonely and frustrating one.  But now there’s a place for caretakers to go online where they can get relevant news, good information, familiar stories, and most importantly: camaraderie.

The place is The New Old Age blog, by New York Times reporter Jane Gross.  Some of Ms. Gross’ most recent posts deal with the serious issues of Elder Abuse, or the stance of our two presidential candidates on long-term care.  However, she also writes about lighter (but no less interesting) topics such as irritation at being called by your first name, or the transition from analog to digital T.V.

The best part about Jane Gross’ blog is that she isn’t afraid to share her own experiences.  In fact, one of the most moving posts on her blog is one from early July entitled What I Wish I’d Done Differently, in which she shares her own thoughts about taking care of her elderly mother.

When you are serving as caregiver for an elderly parent, having an outlet for your feelings, and a community of individuals who can sympathize with your plight is just as important as having advisors who are versed in the ins and outs of Medicare and Elder Law.  Jane Gross’ New Old Age blog is that community.