Give the Gift of Peace of Mind

The holidays are the perfect time for family reunions, family bonding, family fun …and, according to the Wall Street Journal the perfect time for parents and children to talk about family finances, family estate plans, and family decisions about end-of-life issues. After all, there are relatively few times each year in the lives of most families when everyone is gathered in the same place.

“While there’s no need to try to answer difficult health-care or legal questions on Christmas Eve,” says author Tom Lauricella, “the holidays offer a chance to start important conversations.” Lauricella points out that the holidays offer not only a chance for parents and grandparents to discuss some of these issues with their grown children, but also a chance for grown children to reassess how their elderly parents or grandparents are faring—and issue just as important as a discussion of retirement or estate planning.

So this year, along with the egg-nog and presents, families might want to consider the gift of peace of mind that comes with a bit of frank talk, surrounded by the love and cheer of the season.