Geriatric Care Managers: A New Solution to an “Old” Dilemma

If you have an elderly parent or grandparent, you know how much time and research goes into finding the right care, the right doctor, or the right living situation for them.  Caring for the aging population is a growing industry, with new services and options almost every day. Trying to keep up with it can feel close to impossible.

Enter the new professional: Geriatric care managers.  This “new” profession is poised to play a significant role in the near future.  This article in the New York Times describes geriatric care managers as “guides through the fragmented care landscape, connecting clients with local services, assisted-living facilities and a wide network of paid caregivers, elder law attorneys and financial advisers. They help families find living options, assess the abilities of older people, write care plans and sometimes hire and supervise home help”.

In actuality, geriatric care managers have existed in the United States for about 20 years, but the profession is only now starting to boom. And with a description like the one above, it’s easy to see why. 

The aging process in the United States is evolving more quickly than most people thought possible.  And more and more baby-boomers, who have yet to reach the age where they need elder care, are planning for their own sunset years rather than leaving it in the hands of their children.  Geriatric care managers are likely to become an invaluable resource for the “sandwich generation” AND elderly individuals themselves.

If you are caring for an aging relative, or trying to plan for your own future, consider contacting a geriatric care manager in your area through The National Association of Professional Geriatric Care Managers.