• Put Estate Planning on Your Holiday “To Do” List

    Estate Planning During the Holidays with Desert Law Group

    You’ve got plenty to do this time of year. Buy presents. Get a turkey. Decorate the house. But there’s one more thing that you should add to the list – update your estate plan. Your estate plan needs to change as often as your life changes, says an article on Maybe there is a […]

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  • How Much Estate Tax Will I Pay?

    The top tax bracket for the federal estate tax is currently at 40 percent. This might seem high, but as a recent article points out, very few people actually pay this tax. Most estates are entirely exempt from estate tax. There is a $5,340,000 exemption from federal estate tax, meaning that estates valued at up […]

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  • The Right Time for Estate Planning

    As estate planning attorneys, we are often asked, “When should I do my estate plan?” The answer is: “Anyone who is over the age of 18.” Estate planning is critical to everyday living for adults over the age of 18, and should be one of the priorities regardless of your age or marital status. If […]

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  • Time to Plan for Your Pet?

    Many pet owners are refusing to leave the future of their pets to chance. As a recent article explains, devoted pet owners are providing for the care of their pets through wills, trusts, or other estate-planning provisions. As pet owner Carol Santora explained, “I got really nervous about it because I don’t think anyone in […]

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  • Trusts and Divorce – Are My Assets Protected?

    As this recent article in Forbes points out, trusts are quickly gaining ground as a popular estate-planning tool. They are attractive to many because they can be molded to serve a variety of purposes. One such purpose may be shielding assets in the event of divorce. Prior to a marriage, any assets placed in a […]

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