Taking Stock of the Future

Learning about investing is like learning another language—a language of numbers and symbols and percentages. Although everybody wants to grow their money, not everybody has the time to learn this new language.

Luckily, there are an abundance of people who have learned the language of investing, and whose job is to help the rest of us. But finding a professional to help can be a whole new challenge. Do you need a Financial Planner or a CFP? Will you benefit from a Stockbroker or a CFA?

Terry Savage’s article, How to Choose a Financial Planner, in TheStreet.com attempts to answer those very questions. According to Savage, the kind of advice—and advisor—you will need depends on a number of factors; what are your goals? With what level of risk are you comfortable? Do you just want advice when needed, or do you want follow-through as well?

Savage does a great job of explaining the differences between each different kind of financial expert, and the reasons for using (or not using) each. She also expresses the importance of finding a financial advisor who has some knowledge of estate planning and is willing to work with your estate planning attorney to best protect your assets for the future.

As estate planning attorneys, we work closely with financial advisors, and can recommend someone to help you who is knowledgeable and trustworthy. If you’re ready to start planning for the future and getting a return on your money, don’t hesitate, call our office.