Trio Of Signs That Seniors May Need More Care

Teen Women Smiling Towards Looking Elder Care Man in Wheelchair

Any number of things could be the cue to family and friends of older people to begin to realize the individuals are in need of help caring for themselves.

Elderly_man Sitting in the Car Parking side

(Photo credit: Barbro_Uppsala)

A recent article on the website, though, provides three very specific early signs that it’s time to take action.

These are:

  • Writing checks or withdrawing money to make payments to unfamiliar people or companies
  • Taking less interest in things and pursuits the person previously enjoyed
  • A change in eating habits

“Monetary transactions that are out of the norm or don’t seem to make sense are worth noting,” the site states. “Detail-oriented activities like these are often the first affected by troubles with memory or logical thinking.”

Seniors who abruptly give up bowling or no longer want to do crossword puzzles may simply due to being tired of these activities, but such a change warrants at least a conversation, according to the article.

It’s important for family members to inquire and to find out if the loss of interest stems from feeling tired, sad, or if a physical issue, like a sore back, is making the formerly enjoyed activity difficult.

As for a change in eating habits, this “can signal a shift in mental or physical health” and is important to consult with a medical doctor.  I hope this article makes you more aware of the potential signs of our seniors who may have increased care needs.