Remember to Vote

We talk a lot about taxes on this blog—as well as health care and retirement issues—but what if we could
look into the future and tell you what all of these issues would look like four years from now?  You’d want to know, wouldn’t you?

Well, we can’t tell you for sure what our health care system will be like in four years, or if retirement will be any easier; but in one week we elect a new president and we can help you learn where each candidate stands on each of these issues.  Essentially, the future of Estate Taxes, Healthcare, or Social Security is up to us—we decide with our vote on November fourth. 

Below are links to accurate and unbiased websites which provide detailed information (and in some cases side by side comparisons) about where the candidates fall on various issues.  Take a look and glimpse the future… And don’t forget to vote.

CNN With a focus on tax issues, the economy, social security, and business interests A side-by-side analysis of where each candidate stands on healthcare or health related issues

National Public Radio ( Candidate positions on other election issues