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Trusts are fiduciary arrangements that enable third-parties, called trustees, to hold assets on behalf of beneficiaries. They are a very popular and common estate planning tool and can be arranged in many different ways in order to meet specific goals. When properly designed, a trust can accomplish many estate planning goals including wealth preservation and control, reduced estate taxes, and avoiding probate.

Desert Law Group offers uncomplicated, convenient, and worry-free trust creation and trust administration as part of our Coachella Valley estate planning services. We are able to administer trusts for both our own estate planning clients as well as those who have had their trusts drafted by another attorney.

Trust Administration

Although they are established before a person passes away with the intention of being implemented after the person passes, trusts do not automatically go into effect upon a person’s death. The trustee must take specific actions in order to administer the trust such as filing the Last Will and Testament with the California Probate Court and completing tax filings with the California Franchise Tax Board and the Internal Revenue Service. There are also certain people that must be notified of the death and additional duties to perform.

There are serious financial and legal consequences for failing to administer a trust properly, which us why many people are reluctant to be named trustees and instead turn to Desert Law Group for trust administration.

Our Trust Services

The Desert Law Group estate planning attorneys offer comprehensive trust services including trust advisement and creation and trust administration. We can explain trusts to you and help you develop a trust and designate a trustee, work with named trustees to administer a trust or provide advice on what is required of them, or act as the trustee to ensure your directives are carried out as intended.

At Desert Law Group, you can expect clear, easy-to-understand language from friendly and personable estate planning and elder law attorneys who have your best interests at heart. Trusts are one of the most effective ways to manage your wealth and protect your beneficiaries and we look forward to helping you do so.

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