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Medi-Cal and Medical Planning Services In Palm Springs, CA

As medical costs continue to spiral upward, planning for long-term healthcare costs is a crucial component to any estate plan. It’s not uncommon for nursing home costs to average $10,000 a month in California! That is a cost that many middle-class families cannot bear without planning and preparation.

That is where the estate planning attorneys at Desert Law Group come in. We help individuals and families plan in advance for these costs while still protecting hard-earned savings.

Long-Term Care Planning Options

Planning ahead is the best way to protect personal assets and grow wealth to accommodate future healthcare costs. There are many ways to accomplish this from long-term care insurance to annuities, self-insurance and Medicaid, but not every choice is right for every person which is why we strongly recommend meeting with an estate planning attorney to learn more about your options and decide on the best course of action for your particular situation.

Medi-Cal Planning

Medi-Cal has become the most common source of funding to cover nursing home costs in the state of California. Medi-Cal is a joint state and federal Medicaid benefit which means that seniors must qualify to receive benefits. Qualifications include:

  • Recipients must be 65 years of age or older.
  • Seniors must have incomes and assets below a certain threshold.
  • Blind and/or disabled individuals often qualify for Medi-Cal.

Given the complexity of the Medi-Cal application and approval process, as well as the severity of the penalties involved for making mistakes, it is very important to consult with an elder law attorney before applying for Medicaid or Medi-Cal assistance yourself. In addition, there may be ways to qualify for Medi-Cal and still protect your own personal assets.

Medi-Cal Crisis Assistance

A Medi-Cal crisis occurs when an individual must enter a nursing home unexpectedly and has been told that he or she has too many assets to qualify for assistance from Medi-Cal. In many cases, a denial of Medi-Cal coverage is incorrect and we are able to help families qualify for coverage by identifying and correcting inaccurate information.

The laws governing Medi-Cal eligibility are complicated and ever-changing, but the elder law attorneys at Desert Law Group make it a priority to stay up-to-date on current rules and regulations to help Palm Desert seniors receive the Medicaid coverage they need.

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